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To the parents of Pontiac Academy for Excellence students:

Most importantly, your child will be safe with us. Our district has the lowest incidence of violence in the area and our restorative justice process encourages student maturity by having them actively participate in resolving conflict. In order to learn and succeed, students must first feel secure, and so their safety is our top priority.

We know that being a parent is hard work. Pontiac Academy for Excellence strives to be respectful of your time and commitments by making the educational process as reliable and easy as possible. From online enrollment to uniform purchasing and resale, we are cutting red tape so you can focus on your child.

Pontiac Academy for Excellence offers a challenging educational curriculum that is superior to the local public schools. A child in every stage of learning can excel here. From our expansive special education program to honors classes and hands-on field trips, learning comes first for every student.

Your family is welcome here. In the Pontiac Academy for Excellence community, you will find more than just an academic education. Your child will be nurtured with everything from hugs to free breakfast, you will be supported through optional classes and workshops, and your family will be lifted up through access to resources at OLHSA, the nonprofit next door.

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