To the students of Pontiac Academy for Excellence:

You are important and valuable.

Safety: You are safe here. Every student, teacher and staff member is responsible for the safety of others by making wise choices, owning up to mistakes, and putting kindness and forgiveness above pride. In order to learn and succeed, you must first feel secure, and so your safety is our top priority.

Respect: Respect is a two-way street; it is not just something you are required to give to adults. When you respect your teachers, parents, community and the learning process you will earn that respect back and the path toward success will shine before you.

Learning: This time in your life is meant for learning, and that includes lessons about both academics and life. At Pontiac Academy for Excellence you will value learning in every capacity, whether that means seeing our free tutors for extra help, or admitting when you’ve made a mistake. Here you will choose to put learning first.

Community: We care about more than just your test scores. At Pontiac Academy for Excellence we support your entire well-being, from making sure you eat nutritious meals, to giving your family help during tough times, or welcoming you on to our drum line, we know that life success is achieved through academics and beyond.